Tom and Caroline Marchant and their four children, Tina, Jo (Joanne), Jonathan and Daniel, move to a little village near Taunton, in Somerset.  Maggie, the owner of the local B & B that they stay at, shows them a property that she has been looking after for many years that is in need of a family to live there.

After viewing the house, the Marchants feel comfortable with it and agree to live there and all Maggie asks is that they look after it.  From the time they move in there seems to be something different about the house, a nice different, but definitely different.

Stories had been told over the years, about the house being cursed, though none of the family or Maggie believe it and the girls feel that there must be a perfectly good explanation as to what happened to the eight people that had vanished over the years while their family lived in the house.

Tina and Jo determine that they will find out what happened and put an end to the stories.

When they finally know what happened to the people, it proves to be very different from what they would have imagined.

With the help of their parents and Maggie, everything works out well.  They also discover a family secret that changes their lives forever.

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The Island of No Return is the first of a Trilogy about Tom, Caroline and their family.

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