This is where you find out more about what I have written and what is coming up.

Also check out my Facebook Authors’ page where you can request a FREE digital book, either a Rhyming Narrative about a young Dragon called Fred, or a short children’s story about a ‘Naughty Little Storm Cloud’.

See My Poetry

I enjoy most things creative and have been writing poetry since I was quite young.

Clouds Can be Fun is the first anthology that I have put together and made available for sale.

The Adventures of Mary Belle is a collection of 6 monologues and is now available.

A Special Time of Year is the second anthology that I have put together, this is now available for purchase.

Do you like Dragons? I love dragons so be sure to watch out for my series of Rhyming Narratives about Fred the Dragon.

As each of my books become available, I will add a link to the sites from which they can be purchased.


See My Children’s Literature

Apart from poetry, I also enjoy writing short stories for children.  I have recently finished a full length novel called    – The Island of no Return which is now available to purchase through Amazon Kindle and also CreateSpace.

Click on the title to find out more about the story.

Watch out for the other books in the set:

The Island Hoppers

A Safe Haven

Other stories that I have written:

One Step Beyond

Olivia, Julie and the Broken Bed

Olivia, Julie and the Spooky Mirror

Olivia, Julie and the Mysterious Wee

Olivia, Julie and the Naughty Monsters

Olivia, Julie and the Stowaway

Olivia, Julie and the Dancing Slippers

Lily and the Easter Bunny

Lily and the Little Lost Reindeer

Beyond the Mountain Mist


Stories being worked on:

The City Beyond the Wall