This is an anthology of short stories of various genres.

A New Outlook:

Bronzel Trax is a young 50 year old who is tired of how his life is and decides that he wants a change.  He has an idea of what he wants to change but it takes some effort on his part.  Perseverance pays off and he is able to change the direction that his life is going in.


Fast Train to Midnight

Samuel Henry Miles was the happiest man alive until a fatal accident took the life of his wife.  After a long time of tying, friends he’d had from school convinced him to go to a school reunion.  Sitting on the train, headed for a reunion and a holiday that he would rather have not gone to, events occur that will change his life – forever.


Beyond the Mountain Mist

This is the story of a young man who leaves home with a friend to go mountain climbing.  After being gone for longer than would be normal, everyone agrees that they will never return and that perhaps they should send out a search party.  However, the young man’s mother won’t accept that her son has gone until one day she has a visit from him. He has come to tell her that he loves her and that he is going away and will not be returning.  He tells her of a place that he found, a place of beauty and peace and a place he wants to live.  She tells others about the son’s visit but no-one believes her, but she knows that she saw him and that’s all that counts.


The Space Beyond Time

Dron and Emmy Andvar are time travellers, but what do they travel in? Where do the go and what do they find out?

Is This Death?

Molly Broomfield is 95 years of age and has had a good life.  Just after her 96th birthday things change for her.

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